EUROCOMPONENTS offers a lot more than just the production of MONOLITE® pods and includes a series of extra pre and after-sales services:

1. Tailor-made projects

EUROCOMPONENTS offers tailor-made proposals based on the client’s requirements and tastes. The company arranges free appointments to get a deeper understanding of the precise needs of the construction site and the client’s requirements, also providing a more detailed explanation of EUROCOMPONENTS’s work and products.

Thanks to high quality 3D software EUROCOMPONENTS can create a virtual – and extremely precise – image of the planned structure, ensuring that there are no unpleasant surprises in store at the end of the work. The working drawings, with all the details of the project, are delivered to the client.

As well as the project, the client will be provided with samples of the materials which will help to decide on furnishings and fittings.
2. Consultancy services

EUROCOMPONENTS provides free consultancy services throughout all phases of the sales process. We suggest the most suitable solution among the various alternative products in order to respect the aims and performance levels expected by the client.

3. Delivery and installation

EUROCOMPONENTS checks the production of the prefabricated pod during each phase of the production to assure that the delivered product conforms perfectly to the approved project criteria.

We organise delivery and always respect the agreed delivery schedule.

EUROCOMPONENTS provides assistance to the client during fitting, offering specialist consultancy services to ensure perfect installation.

4. After-Sales Service

EUROCOMPONENTS remains close to its clients even after the sale of MONOLITE® pods. A 10 –year Product Liability Insurance policy is included as a part of this after-sales service in order to cover any type of product defect or damage.