Smart is a prefabricated pod built from galvanised steel which is both lighter and easier to transport.

Technical features: Monolite Smart prefabricated pod with galvanised steel
  • The pod wall sections are made from galvanised sheet and are joined without welding.
  • Maximum stability and quick and easy assembly.
  • Panels made from high-performance materials: optimal sound insulation, high level of fire resistance and environmentally friendly.
  • Plumbing and wiring easy to inspect and maintain: guaranteed to be fully functional and long-lasting.
  • Technical room with plumbing and wiring connections that can be easily inspected from outside the room where the pod is installed.
  • Simplification of transport phases, handling of the pod on the construction site and installation inside buildings.
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prefabricated pod built from galvanised steel prefabricated bathroom pod with galvanised steel

Thanks to their light weight the MONOLITE® Smart pods can be transported easily to the construction site. They are lifted by means of simple nylon straps and can be moved to any part of the floor using simple trolleys without the need for hooks.

Interior fittings:

The MONOLITE® Smart pod can be fitted with numerous kinds of wiring and plumbing systems, tiles and accessories; all from top quality suppliers.

Suitable for a wide range of sectors:

  • Hotel sector – hotels, apartment hotels
  • Residential sector – private residences, student accommodation, holiday resorts
  • Hospital sector – nursing homes, retirement homes, hospitals

Why Smart?

The MONOLITE® Smart pods are the highest expression of dry construction and are employed when it is necessary to provide detailed and sophisticated solutions, and for high performance designs. Thanks to their light weight, they can be placed on lighter floors slabs and in environmentally sustainable construction sites.

Dry Construction

Dry construction guarantees the following advantages:

  • EASE OF ASSEMBLY: the components are easy to handle, assemble and dismantle.
  • FLEXIBILITY: components can be altered even when building is operational (e.g. the distribution of the interiors of a building can be varied).
  • REVERSIBILITY: it is possible to dismantle work by reusing, recycling or disposing construction parts.