Prefabricated bathroom pods for industrial useQuick pod – are designed by EUROCOMPONENTS according to a wide range of standard models which offer the client the chance to make small alterations to customise the pod.

Like the project-based bathroom pod, the Quick pod is also delivered ready for installation and use. Once it arrives at the construction site, it just needs to be connected to the plumbing and wiring systems.

EXAMPLES OF projects
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What is the difference between project-based bathroom pods and bathrooms for industrial purposes?

  • Ordering procedure: it is possible to place orders for single units while the minimum order for project-based bathrooms is about 100 units.
  • Construction and delivery times: the Quick pod, as the name implies, is quicker to produce and to deliver since they are independent of the overall project.
  • End use: while the project-based pod is manufactured to meet complex specific needs, the prefabricated Quick pod is designed to cater for more practical needs. It is usually used in the industrial sector, to make bathrooms for offices and the production plants of businesses or factories.

The prefabricated bathrooms for industry (Quick) are available in reinforced concrete (MONOLITE® Concrete).
The prefabricated bathroom for your company, ready to be installed.