The bathroom or kitchen is easily installed in its designated space within the construction site. Thanks to its modular design, MONOLITE® transforms a previously complex operation into a simple one. The bathroom or kitchen pod arrives on site fully fitted and furnished right down to the last detail. It just needs to be connected to the wiring and plumbing. Choose your favourite finishes and materials…and leave the rest to us! It couldn’t be easier...
as easy as pie.


From design to installation the steps in the process for creating MONOLITE® pods are clear and well-established due to years of professional experience. Through a series of procedures, with the aid of state-of-the-art technology, we avoid any delays, providing rapid solutions to all the various problems that usually arise on a “typical” construction site. We always stay on course...
we know the right path to follow together.


Each project is unique from both a technical and aesthetic point of view. According to the needs of the client or designer, EUROCOMPONENTS can transform ideas into reality. Each pod is carefully designed down to the smallest detail, creating a standard product with a truly “handcrafted” appeal. Personalised serial production...
all the same, yet each one is different.


While you think about the foundations, we are already constructing your bathrooms and kitchens with clear advantages in terms of saving time. This leads to reduced costs and greater precision in delivery times. No one can stop us...
because we’re lightning quick.


Thanks to carefully selected certified suppliers, the use of renewable sources of energy and an environmentally friendly manufacturing process, we respect the environment with no additional cost. We help construct the surrounding environment
with a careful eye on the future.