By definition, a company’s social responsibility is the ambition to meet the social and environmental expectations of stakeholders while undertaking company activities.

EUROCOMPONENTS believes that social responsibility not only contributes to a company’s competitiveness and development but also - and especially - to the collective interest.

Eco-conscious company.
Social responsibility means first of all taking care of the surrounding environment. That is why EUROCOMPONENTS pays special attention to:

  • Cleaning of interiors and exteriors;
  • Recycling of waste;
  • The quality and the safety of raw materials used in our production processes;
  • Energy saving: we use machinery with low energy consumption and energy produced from renewable sources. EUROCOMPONENTS is actually the only manufacturer among its European competitors to have its own photovoltaic system that produces about 1MW.

The company’s daily commitment to environmental sustainability is confirmed by the environmental Certification ISO 14001.

Responsibility for individual needs.
A responsible company also ensures that its products provide increasing benefits to consumers, especially those with special needs. This commitment has led EUROCOMPONENTS to create prefabricated pods for the disabled: carefully designed products that cater for the special needs of disabled people.